Pandora Chronicles

Chapter 10: The Dragonborn Paladin

The party had emerged from Semunaya’s cave, unscathed in body, but battered in heart. After speaking with the spirit of the cave, Lillend, the party attempted to gather their wits after what they had seen. Vercingettorix was still troubled, having donned the cursed armor and causing Lillnd to faint. After running into the forest and throwing the cursed axe into it’s depths, Keoth pursued in an attempt to sooth his forlorn companion, while Galadriel attempted to calm the startled villagers, having their world literally shaken by the experience. After all the commotion settled down, the party consulted Bazha about removing the cursed armor from Vercingettorix. The ritual was taxing on Vercingettorix, but he endured the great pain of ripping the darkness from him, and was given an artifact known as “Wings of Semunaya” to stave off any more influence fom the dark artifacts. With the ritual declared a sucess, Bazha proclaimed a feast to be held in the party’s honor, and be acknowledged as honorary members of the Paradwyn tribe. The party participated in the preparations, and Pastor David in particular was getting into the swing of things. Vercingettorix, however, went to see Lillend again. He wished to leave the cursed artifacts with her, afraid what might become of him if they stayed in his presence. She was hesitant, explaining the peril it may put her people in. She instructed him to leave the cursed weapon and armor int the cave for the night, she would think on it and give him an answer he next day.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the island, a warwing drake and rider landed on the island. Alerted by their drake sentries about the sudden intrusion, the tribesmen dropped what they were doing and headed to the intruders whereabouts. Galadriel followed the tribesmen, anxious to see what all the fuss was about. They surrounded the intruder who introduced herself as Korinn, a dray paladin of Bahamut. She explained that she merely wished to rest on the island, as her warwing drake mount, Sora, was weary from travel. The Paradwyns, wary of dray, took Korinn into captivity. Upon arrival to the village, they interrogated Korinn. Galadriel urged the Paradwyns to trust her, and with a vouch from Keoth, the Paradwyns hesitantly trusted their newfound friends’ judgement and allowed Korinn to remain in the village.

That evening, merimentt was abound. Food, drink, entertainment, the evening was alive with excitement and the group soon passed out in a drunken stupor. However, their jovality was short lived as Vercingettorix began to have visions in his sleep; dark and ominous visions hat awoke Vercingettorix with terror. Vercingettorix headed to the cave in a hurry, awakening the other party members along with him. When they reached the cave, they found the axe imbedded in the sacred ring of Semunaya; the armor folded neatly below it. Vercingettorix summoned Lilend, but when he asked what had happened, she was as unaware as they. Puzzled, the party decided to take the axe with them, afraid that it may cause the villagers harm. As Vercingettorix picked it up, the axe spoke to him, demanding blood to regain it’s power. Vercingettorix resisted the dark axe’s temptations and with that, the party returned to bed. Plans of what to do about the dragon would be dealt with the next day.

The next day, Diana awoke to the sound of stampeding drakes headed off to the forest. She alertd the other party members, and not all too soon, as a large tyranasaurus rex lept into the center of the encampment. The party readied themselves for battle, but Bazha urged the party to not harm the beast, for that was Saurun, the Paradwyn tribe’s protector from the dragon Kurtulmak. The beast, enraged was being tailed by a pack of what the paradwyn’s called “the Pun-pun” more commonly known as “Kobolds”. The kobolds prodded on the beast, urging it to do more destruction, they had to be stopped.

The party lept into action, Vercingettorix leading the charge, while Korinn and Sora disracted the beast from the air. Meanwhile, Emily and Keoth tag teamed the the Kobolds, picking them off one by one. The ringleader of the Kobolds, what appeared to be a some sort of priest or shaman, launched ligning attack after lightning attack at the party, but to no avail. in the end, the kobolds were crushed under the weight of the mighty beast, and Vercingettorix managed to soothe the savage beast, sending it back into it’s forested homeland. Triumphant, the party knew what had to be done. They had to kill the blue dragon known as Kurtulmak, once and for all.



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