Pandora Chronicles

Chapter 12: The Return

The heroes returned to the ship to find Syke’s betrayal of both them and the crew, instigating a mutiny against his foster father, Captain Grizzbeard. The party was being ushered into the dungeon, all except for Emily, Galadriel, and Diana, as Sykes wished to have his way with the lovely young women (he had not done so in such a long time). With some quick thinking, Galadriel managed to seduce Sykes drawing him near enough to imobilize him with one of her new items, the Green Thumbs, an item which allowed her to create massive vines from her fingertips. The rest of the party used the moment of confusion to jump their captors, freeing themselves as well as their pirate ally, Minsc. As the heroes took down the unruly pirates, Sykes decided a desperate maneuver, threatening his father’s life in exchange for escape. It didn’t work however, and it wasn’t long before the young pirate scholar met a gruesome fate at the hands of Vercingettorix. With the deed done and a heavy heart, the crew disposed of the body and continued on to their destination.

The mood was sollen as Diana expresed her deep distaste for the act committed in front of her eyes, running away in sorrow unable to process the atrocity. It was then that the axe spoke to Vercingettorix in a familiar and articulate voice, the voice of Sykes. The axe explained to Vercingettorix that they were now connected and for everyone Vercingettorix kills, it feeds off their souls and gets stronger. Threatening to consume Vercingettorix, in the eye of the storm, he calls out to the spirits for salvation. Thought all hope to be lost, the skies clear and Vercingettorix sees what he believes to be a sign of hope. He vowed to destroy the axe and the evil it posessed.

After a week or so of safe travel, the party finally reached New Olympia, home of Keoth. They docked on the shores of Gildenstern, a fishing village in the Dweorg settlement of Rime Valley. Keoth hoped to make a shorter trip to Keoth’s home town of Dusseldorf, located north of Gildenstern and located in the lower- center of the more protected areas of rime valley. It was then Keoth noticed strange looks he was getting from the townsfolk, looks of uneasiness. Keoth sought out the nearest guard to ask of the goings on, only to find out rumors of Goblin raids on the New Olympian supply routes. Word of Keoth’s arrival sparked the interest of the current substitute head of Rime Valley, Bram Ironfell. He requested the service of Keoth and his friends in order to guide a supply caravan to Dusseldorf in order to provide supplies to neighboring towns in Rime Valley. As the rumors told, Rime Valley supply lines had been recently cut by the neigboring goblin tribes and Bram needed staunch and trustworthy allies to ensure the caravan’s save passage. Keoth humbly agreed and the party prepared for their journey.



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