Pandora Chronicles

Chapter 13: The Caravan

Dawn came,and the party awoke early to their assigned task of guiding the caravan to Dusseldorf. As they reached the gate, the party met with the leader of the dweorg escort, Captain Bartlebuss Greyhelm. When the party inquired on the wherabouts of Sir Ironfell, the captain explained that Ironfell had returned to Wendelheim to make his report to the queen, and was entrusting Keoth with the task of guiding the caravan. With task in mind, Keoth and the party headed towards Dusseldorf.

The journey started out simple enough; it was early morning and the party had been traveling for hours, no threats in site. Keoth decided on a plan: to have half the troops, as well as the party members, hide in the caravans to draw out their attackers in hopes of getting the drop on the enemy. The formation was simple: Keoth and the Captain led the charge while one guard walked alongside each caravan, the other hiding within. Emily, Galadriel, and Diana hid one in each wagon alongside a guard, Sorrah and Pastor David hid within the last wagon, Korrinn and Vercingettorix stayed at the rear to avoid being surrounded. The formaion was set, the plan was sound, now all they had to doo was be on their guard and all would be fine…. or so they thought.

Then, Diane heard something. From atop the mesa, she sensed footsteps, lots of them, tiny and moving fast. She called out a warning and soon the mesa was lined with goblins. One steped forward from behind the others. He was dressed in ritual garb, obviously a spelllcaster of some sort. He raied his hand and yelled, and within an instant, the goblins came running down the canyonside, fearless, bloodthirsty, and ready for battle. Keoth gave the word and the party lept from the wagons to engage their attackers.

The goblins struck hard and fast; some weilding mere daggers, some weilding slings, while still others carried deadly battleaxes, swinging them wildly with aplomb and ferocity. Leading them all was the spellcaster goblin, a hexer, launching bolts of energy and clouds of mist. It was then the party began to realize… these goblins were tough, not your average run-of the mill goblins. Goblins were weak, sniveling creatures; the goblins before them fought with tenacity, cunning and ferocity. It was then when a battleaxe goblin did a traditional Goliath defensive roll that he realized: these goblins were goliath trained. Using this knowledge, he fought on. After a feirce battle, the party managed to drive them back. Some goblins ran off climbing up the canyonside, while their leader and a few other goblins were picked up by giant birds known as rocs, a typical retreat tactic used by a goliath tribe known as the Kal’den clan. Apparently these goblins were working in tandem with the Kal’dens, but why? As Keoth pondered these questions, he dusted his clothes, strengthened his resolve and continued on with his mission. The goblin raiders had been beaten back and they had to get these supplies through. The caravan is safe…or is it?



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