Pandora Chronicles

Chapter 14: The Caravan (Part Two)

It was high noon and the party was continuing onwar toward Dusseldorf. The caravan was safe, but they still had a long road ahead of them.

For precaution, Keoth decided to opt for a new formation. The canyon-sides seemed like he perfect place for and ambush, so he had the guards line up to guard from the wall. The party members all headed to the front of the line, learning from their past battle ready for any incoming danger… and danger came sooner than they would have thought as the boars became suddenly uneasy and started slowing down.

In the distance a lone figure stood alone blocking their path. This creature was cackling to himself in the distance. A closer inspection identified the figure as a lone, older goblin, mumbling and cackling to himself in a seemingly diabolical and peverse way. The party shouted out to the goblin, hoping to obtain information on the nature of these goblin attacks. The sinister goblin replied to their question with a wide sinister grin, a grin of perversion and delight. Suddenly, wolves began to appear, almost out of nowhere from the west, sliking into a circular formation to not only surround the caravan, but to protect their master as well. The party would not be intimidated by such a tactic, and Vercingettorix charged forward, leaping into the fray of wolves. However, the tactic did not prove to be the smartest, as he was quickly brough to the ground by three wolves, surrounding, knocking him prone, and dragging him away in an attempt to separate him from the rest of the party. The party saw this and lept into the fray, cutting down wolves in their path and leaving the caravan to fend for themselves. The party engaged the gobnlin and his wolf minions, while the caravan managed to hold it’s own against any attackers that got too close for comfort. The party had the goblin and his wolves seemingly on the ropes, but just as the part felt they were to win, the goblin cackled and let out a shrill howl. From atop the mesa, two dire wolves appeared, mounted by two fearsome bugbear riders. The pair decended upon the caravan and began their attack. The party had been tricked into the ambush, baiting them to allow for an attack directly on the caravan. However, while the goblin cackled in triumph, it was not to last long, as Vercingettorix cut down the goblin where he stood. Seeing this, the remaining wolves fled, but the bugbears remained.

The bugbears were making work of the dwarven caravan guards, and after cutting through three of them, managed to spook the first wagon into stampeding forward. With some quick thinkin and timing, Diana and the guard captain managed to stop the stampeding wagon whilst the rest of the party closed in on the remaining two attackers. after a few choice blows, the raiders quickly realized that the were outnumbered and outmatched. Both turned to flee, but while one got away, a lucky guard managed to trip up the escaping bugbear and the party apprehended him and his wolf mount before he could commit suicide. With a prisoner in tow, the party continued onward for Dusseldorf in hopes in learning more about the nature of these goblin attacks.



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