Pandora Chronicles

Chapter 15: The Caravan Part 3

It was late afternoon and the party was recovering from their second run in with the Kal’den raiders. Two men’s lives were lost, but a prisoner was gained. The party needed answers and this might be their best bet. Keoth and Vercingettorix decided to interrogate the captured bugbear, Vercingettorix being able to speak goblinoid. However, when diplomatic tactics failed, they were left with no choice but to torture the captive, breaking two of his fingers for the information they desired.

Keoth and Vercingettorix asked about any more upcoming ambushes. The bugbear exclaimed that another ambush was inevitable when he failed to return with his comrade, however, where and when he had no idea. The party was in the dark, but decided to keep their captive and his mount, hoping they could prove useful in the future. The party continued on toward their destination cautiously.

It was early evening when the party reached the bridge leading to Dusseldorf. However, no sooner did the party approach the bridge did they get ambushed by Ta’lik, the goliath champion of the Kal’den clan and her forces. Though cunning, the party proved too much for her, so she had to resort to her backup plan to destroy the bridge. That plan too backfired, as Aliemma appeared to aid the party, stopping the trap dead in it’s tracks. In desperation, Ta’lik resorted to her barbarian rage, grappling Vergingettorix and hoping to drown him. However, Vercingettorix escaped, turning the tide of battle in his favor, but before he could finish his fight, Diane intervined, keeping Vercingettorix from killing Ta’lik. Upon seeing Diane, the attacking forces surrendered, knowing her to be a deva. Vercingettorix was furious with Diane’s intervention, causing her to flee in tears. The party now had two captives, one unconcious and one maimed.

Vercingettorix and Keoth agree that in order for the caravan to truly be safe, they should speak with the Kal’den cheiftan. With Ta’lik in tow, the party convinced the goblin leader, Jib, grant them an audience with the Kal’den chietan. Jib warned, however, that Ta’lik not be harmed or war between the Kal’dens and the dwarven lands would be sure to break out. That said, Keoth and Vercingettorix send the caravan and the rest of the party off to complete their mission to Dusseldorf, while the two prepare to meet the Zaya, the Kal’den chieftan.



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