Pandora Chronicles

Chapter 16: The Kal'den Tribe

Keoth and Vercingettorix decided to pay a visit to the Kal’den tribe in hopes of coming to some sort of cease fire against the dwarves. After defeating and capturing the Kal’den champion, Ta’lik, they used her as leverage against the goblin leader, Jib. Jib agreed to allow them to visit their campsite, but warned that Ta’lik best be left unharmed otherwise there would be concequences. With that, he and the rest of his clansmen summoned their rocs to carry the clansmen back to camp, while Ug’ta, the bugbear the party had captured during the second raid, would lead them back to the Kal’den campsite. It was at that point that Korinn decided she best stay with Vercingettorix and Keoth, as they may need backup, the rest of the party would continue to Dusseldorf as planned.

Vercingettorix thought it best to wake Ta’lik and have her lead them versus Ug’ta, as diplomacy with her may prove to be valuable. Korinn’s healing efforts awoke Ta’lik, and after some persuasion from Vercingettorix, she was unbound and led the way to the Kal’den camp, sending Ug’ta home via her roc. The party conversed on the way to the Kal’den,Keoth and Vercingettorix were wary of a potential ambush, planning what to do once they reached the camp should they be attacked. Korinn and Ta’lik made small- talk, speaking of their homes and mounts.

It was mid- evening when the four reached the tribal campgrounds. The heroes’ presence was unexpected as many clansmembers gawked at the group of travelers. It was then they were approached by the clan’s leader, Zaya. After the party explained their reasons for entering the camp, Zaya revealed evidence of a dwarven hand in the missing goblins. After much discussion, Zaya agreed to give the party 28 moons to parley with the northern frost- goblin tribe to ask for a cease- fire, otherwise the attacks would continue. The party made plans to return to Dusseldorf and parley with the rest of the group.

While there, the three took in the local culture, speaking with the natives and seeing what they could learn. To learn of the whereabouts of the northern frost goblins, the three heroes turned to Ta’lik for answers who in turn steered them to Jib, the goblin chieftan. Jib explained to the party that the northern frost goblin tribe was located at the base of the mountains in the labrinthene ice caves. He warned, however, that do to the dire circumstances, the frost goblins had allied themselves with the neighboring frost trolls, who, in exchange for their aide, sought to enslave the frost goblins. The three heroes feared the worst to come, as dealing with trolls is never diplomatic.

After a hear-to-heart talk with Zaya did Vercingettorix decide to remain with the Kal-den clan for a time to learn more about their culture and heritage, instructing them to come back for him when they were to head to the northern goblin tribes. Keoth joined Korinn on the back of her mount, Sora, and the two flew back to Dusseldorf to regroup with the rest of the party to plan their next move.



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