Pandora Chronicles

Chapter 1: The Meeting
When Keoth met Adam

We opened our story with 2 strangers about to meet and embark on a great quest: Emelia Hart, the plucky orphaned street urchin, and Keoth Smith, the stalwart Runepriest from New Olympia.

Keoth Smith, a newly appointed Goliath Runepriest from the dwarven continent of New Olympia, was sent on a reconnacance mission to the human continent, Kybithia to investigate a mysterious finding. Upon his arrival he was greeted by Pastor David Sotherbee, a priest who sent out the call to New Olympia. He had been given a mysterious rune and had hoped that New Olympia could aid in it’s appraisal, as it seemed ancient and powerful. Intrigued, Keoth made arrangements to stay in the Kybithia, in hopes of unraveling the rune’s mysteries. However, due to the upcoming election of the new king, Pastor David informed Keoth of the lack of available lodging in the Merchant District and suggested Keoth look to the slums for available rooming. It came as good fortune that Keoth meet Watts, a loud-mouthed, short-tempered dwarven blacksmith. Watts offered Keoth a room in exchange for help running his blacksmith shop. Keoth, a journeyman blacksmith in his own right, delightfully took up Watts’s offer, determined to find the origins of the mysterious rune.

Meanwhile, in Kybithia’s slums district, a young street urchin was scavenging for her supper. After a successful “acquisition” the young Emelia Hart returned to her lonely house in the slums, where she ate quietly in hopes of her missing older brother’s return. There, she was approached by a brutish man seemingly looking for her. With a quick stab from her daggers, she sent the man fleeing from the shadows from whence he came. The next day was no different, as Emily went through her daily routine, she came home only to hear the sound of men waiting for her. The 2 men, going by the names of Vicks and Wedge proceeded to try and capture Emily, but to no avail, as she wounded Vicks, slashing him in the very same spot as she had before. The two fled, but they vowed they would be back.

The following day, Emily was cautious, watching her back to make sure she wouldn’t be accosted by the two thugs from the night before. When she returned home, she found not Vicks and Wedge waiting for her, but instead a busty female halfling waiting for her. The halfling introduced herself as “Biggs”, a local halfling thief lookng for an able hand, hearing how she handled Vicks and Wedge. She inquired if Emily was looking to make a big score. Emily was hesitant, but agreed, and so Biggs arranged to meet Emily outside her home the next night. The following evening, Biggs returned to meet Emily as planned. As the two snuck around the corner, Biggs handed Emily a vial, supposedly containing an invisibility potion. However, once taken, Emily felt woozy, Biggs had drugged her, and she fell unconcious.

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