Pandora Chronicles

Chapter 11: The Azure Dragon

After a careful deliberation, the party decided that it was best to slay the blue dragon, in fear it may execute another plot to wipe out the Paradwyns. However, Korinn wished to first speak to the dragon. With that request, the party devised a plan to ambush Kurtulmak in her own home, the question, however, was how to lure him out. Galadriel recalled fom her studies, blue dragon personality traits: aggression, vanity, extreme territoryality, and a love for all things blue, especially sapphires. The group decided to visit the captain, in hopes that he may have some sapphires, or some sort of blue gem to lure the dragon out of hiding. However, upon leaving the Paradwyn encampment, they saw a large creature soar over the skies. It was the blue dragon flying over the horizon, heading straight for the pirate ship! Was it about to attack? Was it hunting?! Whatever the reason, it had left the cave, flying in the pirate ship’s direction, the party had little time.

After acquiring a sapphire hairpin from the captain and his daughter, the party headed for the dragon’s den. Korinn waited out front in hopes of luring Kurtulmak into a false sense of security, while the rest of the party entered the cave to prepare for the ambush, cleaning up Kurtulmak’s minions as they went. When Kurtulmak returned, the dragon was greeted by Korinn. Suspicious, yet intrigued, the draon conversed with Korinn, giving her the information she sought, but almost loosing her life to do so. With some quick thinking, she provoked the dragon into following her, and the party made their move. Kurtulmak was down, but not out, and when she ot her chance, she roared a great roar, paralyzing the party and escaped to the depths of her labrynthine cave. She was luring them into a trap.

Deeper ino the cave, the party ran into some more of Kurtulmak’s minions, including ettercaps: a spider- like race found in the feywild. The arrived at the end of the tunnel to find the dragon’s treasure hoard…. but no dragon. Where could she have gone. For some, this was a time of caution, knowing the dragon could ambush them at any moment. For others, it was a time of wealth; Kurtulmak was sure to come back eventually, but in the meantime, no sense in walking away unprepared and empty- handed. The party found wonderous things, from weapons to trinkets. Amongst these things, Korinn found several dray artifacts, some with insignias of her homeland. Keoth happened to find some curious objects himself, including what appeared to be a holy symbol engraved with the symbol of moradin, as well as several others he’d never seen before. Vercingettorix found a khopesh engraved with the insignia of Semunaya. Many fey artifacts were there as well. Then amongst some obscure artifacts, the group located the rune, and not too soon either, for as they attempted to exit the cave, Kurtulmak droped from the ceiling, mouth open and teeth bared.

Injured from the ambush, the party quickly gained the upper hand. As Vecingettorix readied himself to finish the dragon, Kurtulmak bowed her head in surrender, asking for the life of her and her soon- to- be siblings in exchange for her departure. After a plea from Galadriel, the party let the battered dragon escape, leaving it’s treasure horde behind. However, this caused tension between the group, as Vercingettorix was less than pleased at the party’s naivete and vacated the cave in anger.

Victorious, the party headed back to the pirate ship, some riches in tow. They were greeted by Sykes only to be backstabbed by him and two other crewmates, Stooge and Zug. The three had orchistrated a mutiny in order to take control of the ship and it’s riches. His first order as captain was to apprehend the party, ordering Keoth, Vercingettorix, Korinn and Minsc to be sent to the brigg, while he would have his way with Emily, Galadriel, and Diana. With some quick thinking, and the help of an artifact she had recently acquired, Galadriel managed to cause a commotion, distracting the pirates long enough to help the party escape. However, the party finds themselves in a pickle, slowly being overwhelmed by Sykes and the rogue pirates. Will they manage to stop Sykes and reclaim the ship?

Quick Points of Intrest
- Korinn conversed with the dragon
- The dragon escaped with it’s life, only to be pursued by something in the distance
- Korinn discovered relics of Bahamut as well as holy symbols and other armaments of Hyren
- Keoth discovered a curious relic, labeled with the symbol of moradin as well as several others.
- Kurtulmak said that she recognized Vercingettorix as the kin of the woman who slayed her father
- Vercingettorix found a khopesh engraved with the symbol of Semunaya
- Galadriel found the rune amongst some curious armaments engraved with runes themselves
- The party returned to the ship to be ambushed. However, the Kurtulmak’s cave had not been fully explored, nor had they killed the kobolds that lived within it.

Experience gained: 6101.5 exp (678 exp. per player)

Treasure found:

Gold: 9,000,000

- Wyrmtooth Dagger Lancing Dagger +2
- Bloodclaw Dagger +2
- Scalebane Dagger +2
- Fey Strike Dagger +2 (Emily)
- Mithredian Steel Short Sword +2
- Venomous Songblade Short Sword +2
- Spider Kissed Short Sword +2 (Galadriel)
- Runic Short Sword +2
- Tuning Songblade Short Sword +2
- Stormbiter Warblade Greatsword +2 (Vercingettorix)
- Dragonslayer Bastard Sword +2 (Vercingettorix)
- Adamantine Morningstar +2
- Forester’s Handaxe +2
- Strongheart Greatclub +2
- Thundering Battleaxe +2
- Aura Killer Mindwarp staff +2
- Inspiring Guardian Staff +2 (Diana)
- Thundergod Warhammer +3 (Keoth Smith)
- Lightning Spear +2
- Temblor Maul +2
- Maw of the Guardian Khopesh +2
- Thunderburst Longbow +2
- Skyrender Longbow +2 (Galadriel)
- Vigilant Blade Broadsword +2
- Cavern Explorer’s Throwing Hammer +2 (Inscribed “Property of Marthammer Duin” in Dwarven)


- Spiderweb Robes of Cloth Armor +2
- Panther Spirit Leather Armor +2 (Diana)
- Addergrease Leather Armor +2
- Serpentskin Leather Armor +2
- Shockweave Leather Armor +2
- Snake’s Lair Leather Armor +2
- Skybound Leather Armor +2
- Mysterious Leather Armor +?
- Pouncing Hide Armor +2
- Life Vine Hide Armor +2
- Snakefang Hide Armor +2
- Magical Hide Armor +3**
- Runic Chainmail +2 (found with the rune)
- Chainmail of Adaptable Resistance +2 (Lighning)
- Skald’s Chainmail +2
- Delver’s Chainmail +2 (Inscribed “property of Marthammor Duin” in dwarven)
- Scale Armor of Resistance +2 (Lightning)
- Piecemeal Scale Armor +2
- Agile Plate Armor +2
- Ornate Magical Plate Armor +3**

Holy Symbols:

- Star of Corellon +2
- Symbol of the First Spirits +2 (Diana)
- Wrathful Symbol Astral Might +2 (made of black iron and engraved with runes; found with the rune)
- Mysterious Octogram holy symbol of Moradin? +2 (engraved with unknown symbols)
- Warding symbol of the Dragon +2 (found amongst some dray relics)
- Accurate symbol of Foe Turning +2 (found among some dray relics)
- Astral Dragonscale of Bahamut +2


- Vengeful Spirit Totem 2
- Astral Redoubt Totem +2
- Ornate Totem +2 (Decorated with blossoming flowers. Appears to be broken)
- Totem of Nature’s Balm +2 (This totem has a familiar smell to Vercingettorix)
- Pure Spirit Totem +2
- Ornate Totem +2 (decorated with entwinin vines. Appears to be broken)
- Ibirean Farseeing totem (Oalian’s Balance Farseing Totem)
- Fickle Twilight Accurate Totem +2
- Storm totem of Thunder’s Keeper +2


- Manticore Shield Light Shield
- Storm Shield Heavy Shield Korinn
- Bloodthirst Bracers Korinn
- Bracers of Tactical Blows
- Cold Iron Bracers
- Shimmering Light (Diana)
- Breach Bracers
- Couters of Second Chances
- Bracers of Brachiation
- Feyleaf Vambraces (Emily)
- Skull Bracers
- Diamond Bracers Korinn


- Green Thumbs (Galadriel)
- Storm Gauntlets (Keoth Smith)
- Spell Anchors
- Illusionist’s Gloves
- Stern Handler’s Wraps (Diana)
- Forgemaster’s Gloves (found amongst the dray artifacts)
- Gloves of Venom
- Darkfire Gloves
- River of Life Gloves Korinn
- Caustic Gauntlets
- Burglar’s Gloves (Emily)


- False Blood Amulet +2
- Scarf of Reconciliation +2
- Cape of the Mountebank +2 (Emily)
- Resplendent Cloak +2 (Diana)
- Resilience Amulet +2
- Amulet of Resolution +2
- Amulet of Physical Resolve +2
- Amulet of Protection +2
- Amulet of False Life +2
- Perapt of Cascading Health +2 (Diana)
- Elven Cloak +2
- Spidersilk Mantle +2
- Necklace of Keys +2 Emelia (Emily) Hart
- Raven Cloak +2
- Cloak of Distortion +2
- Cloak of the Cautious +2
- Choker of Eloquence +2 (Galadriel) Korinn

- Boots of Spider Climbing
- Feyleaf Sandals (Galadriel)
- Branchrunners
- Wallwalkers (Emily)
- Boots of the Mighty Charge Korinn


- Gem of Colloquy (Draconic/ Galadriel)
- Fey Blessed Circlet (Galadriel)
- Beryl of Catastrophe Avoidance (Diana)
- Hunter’s Headband
- Crown of Leaves (Galadriel) Korinn


- Belt of Nourishment Korinn
- Baldric of Time (Emily)
- Cincture of the Dragon Spirit
- Belt of Endurance
- Swimtide Harness
- Viper Belt
- Diamond Cincture

Chapter 10: The Dragonborn Paladin

The party had emerged from Semunaya’s cave, unscathed in body, but battered in heart. After speaking with the spirit of the cave, Lillend, the party attempted to gather their wits after what they had seen. Vercingettorix was still troubled, having donned the cursed armor and causing Lillnd to faint. After running into the forest and throwing the cursed axe into it’s depths, Keoth pursued in an attempt to sooth his forlorn companion, while Galadriel attempted to calm the startled villagers, having their world literally shaken by the experience. After all the commotion settled down, the party consulted Bazha about removing the cursed armor from Vercingettorix. The ritual was taxing on Vercingettorix, but he endured the great pain of ripping the darkness from him, and was given an artifact known as “Wings of Semunaya” to stave off any more influence fom the dark artifacts. With the ritual declared a sucess, Bazha proclaimed a feast to be held in the party’s honor, and be acknowledged as honorary members of the Paradwyn tribe. The party participated in the preparations, and Pastor David in particular was getting into the swing of things. Vercingettorix, however, went to see Lillend again. He wished to leave the cursed artifacts with her, afraid what might become of him if they stayed in his presence. She was hesitant, explaining the peril it may put her people in. She instructed him to leave the cursed weapon and armor int the cave for the night, she would think on it and give him an answer he next day.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the island, a warwing drake and rider landed on the island. Alerted by their drake sentries about the sudden intrusion, the tribesmen dropped what they were doing and headed to the intruders whereabouts. Galadriel followed the tribesmen, anxious to see what all the fuss was about. They surrounded the intruder who introduced herself as Korinn, a dray paladin of Bahamut. She explained that she merely wished to rest on the island, as her warwing drake mount, Sora, was weary from travel. The Paradwyns, wary of dray, took Korinn into captivity. Upon arrival to the village, they interrogated Korinn. Galadriel urged the Paradwyns to trust her, and with a vouch from Keoth, the Paradwyns hesitantly trusted their newfound friends’ judgement and allowed Korinn to remain in the village.

That evening, merimentt was abound. Food, drink, entertainment, the evening was alive with excitement and the group soon passed out in a drunken stupor. However, their jovality was short lived as Vercingettorix began to have visions in his sleep; dark and ominous visions hat awoke Vercingettorix with terror. Vercingettorix headed to the cave in a hurry, awakening the other party members along with him. When they reached the cave, they found the axe imbedded in the sacred ring of Semunaya; the armor folded neatly below it. Vercingettorix summoned Lilend, but when he asked what had happened, she was as unaware as they. Puzzled, the party decided to take the axe with them, afraid that it may cause the villagers harm. As Vercingettorix picked it up, the axe spoke to him, demanding blood to regain it’s power. Vercingettorix resisted the dark axe’s temptations and with that, the party returned to bed. Plans of what to do about the dragon would be dealt with the next day.

The next day, Diana awoke to the sound of stampeding drakes headed off to the forest. She alertd the other party members, and not all too soon, as a large tyranasaurus rex lept into the center of the encampment. The party readied themselves for battle, but Bazha urged the party to not harm the beast, for that was Saurun, the Paradwyn tribe’s protector from the dragon Kurtulmak. The beast, enraged was being tailed by a pack of what the paradwyn’s called “the Pun-pun” more commonly known as “Kobolds”. The kobolds prodded on the beast, urging it to do more destruction, they had to be stopped.

The party lept into action, Vercingettorix leading the charge, while Korinn and Sora disracted the beast from the air. Meanwhile, Emily and Keoth tag teamed the the Kobolds, picking them off one by one. The ringleader of the Kobolds, what appeared to be a some sort of priest or shaman, launched ligning attack after lightning attack at the party, but to no avail. in the end, the kobolds were crushed under the weight of the mighty beast, and Vercingettorix managed to soothe the savage beast, sending it back into it’s forested homeland. Triumphant, the party knew what had to be done. They had to kill the blue dragon known as Kurtulmak, once and for all.

Chapter 9: The Island and the Stowaway Princess

It was dawn when the elusive “Drifting Island” was spotted. The ship anchored itself roughly 20 feet away allowing the the members to take the rowboats to shore. Before they left, however, Captain Grzzbeard offered up the services of his finest crewmembers to aide the party in their search: Stooge the kenku lookout, Zug the hobgoblin quartermaster, Grizelda the captain’s half-orc foster daughter, Minsc the human navigator (and his miniature space hampster Boo), Edmund Sykes the half elven first mate and the captain’s foster son, the captain himself, though if he went, Sykes would have to stay to manage the ship. The party decided to take Zug, Minsc, and Sykes (to keep an eye on him and his attempts to charm Emily).

The seven sent out for shore. When they landed on the beach, they noticed the land was curved, and the party trudged upward over the beachy slope into the dense underbrush. The forest was thick and dense, covered with vines and palm trees. Emily decided she wanted to have fruit for breakfast, and so she decided to climb a palm tree in hopes of finding a coconut or two. Her efforts were met with hostility, however, as she was grabbed by a vine and drug out of the tree. Soon, living vines were sprouting form all over, grabbing the party from every which way. They managed to beat back the vines, but realized the dangers of this forest were everywhere. Between the carnivorous foliage and a dragon, the party had their work cut out for them. What other dangers awaited them on their exploration?

The party continued to cut through the branble, avoiding any more large bushes that looked like they could hide carnverous vines. As they continued through the dense forest, they were startled by Galadriel who had been following their path through the forest. She introduced herself as the former princess of Kybithia, and after some explanation of her reasons for being there and some squabbling between her and Emily, Keoth finally urged the party to head into the dense forest to continue with their mission. They didn’t get far, however before they encountered a small pack of large lizards. As they approached, the drakes began to growl, and the next thing the party knew, a dart whizzed by and shot Diana in the neck, knocking her out. Vrcingettorix took initiative and began to attack the drakes. It wasn’t long, however, before larger drakes joined the fray; the party had to figure out who was attacking them.

After managing to drive back the drakes, the party was surrounded by what appeared to be humans and larger lizard people dressed in tribal garb. They spoke to them in a foreign tongue which Pastor David identified as draconic. The party was ordered to drop their weapons, and upon doing so, were led back to a secret camp located within the center of the island. There, they were led to kneel before what appeared to be an older lizardman dressed in regal garb. Another man of human decent approached the party introducing himself as Ookami, and in turn introduced the older lizardman as Bazha, the spiritual leader of the Paradwyn tribe. The man asked for the party’s reasons for being on the island, and after the party explained themselves, Bazha ordered for the “intruders” to take the customary test of passage, to prove their worth to their goddess Semunaya. The party would choose four of their team members to enter the cave. Should they come back alive, they would be permitted to stay on the island as friends and allies, however, should they fail, the remaining party members would be killed. After much debate, the party decided that Keoth, Vercingettorix, Emily, and Galadriel would enter the cave(with severe protest from Pastor David). Keoth instructed the rest of them to protect Diana at all costs. The four were unbound, given back their weapons, and with a deep breath, entered the cave, unknowing what horrors awaited them.


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