Dragonborn (or Dray as they prefer to be called), are members of a lost race that migrated to Pandora from another realm.

Dray first appeared in Pandora as conquerors, as told in the ancient text of the first recorded times of troubles. Their goal was to conquer the nations of Pandora, establishing a new kingdom for their lost race. However, Few other than the Dray know the reasons behind this attack. Some rumor they were fleeing a greater power and wished to subjugate the people of Pandora to launch an attack to save their home. However, no existing written documentation of the Dray’s homeworld exist, just stories passed down from generation to generation.

“They say the best way too get to know a Dragonborn is to smell their breath” Is what an old dwarven comedian once said. There is truth to that statement. While not always the case, the dray’s personalities tend to vary based on their breath weapon, displaying traits of the element they manifest.

Fire breathers tend to be passionate manifesting this trait in many different ways. Examples tend to be hot- headedness, arrogance, and aggression. Because of this, fire- breathers tend to be natural born leaders, both militarily and industrially, making excellent warlords, warriors, sorcerers, and business owners. Fire blood is prized among the dray, as it is considered the most regal of breaths, representing pure dragon blood. However, they also tend to be somewhat short- sighted, looking at the bigger picture rather on focusing on details. Because of this, fire- breath is considered more of a male trait, and is more commonly found in male dray.
(Alternate ability bonuses: +2 Str, +2 Int)

Cold- breathers tend to be much more quiet and soft- spoken. Their blood is a blue color. The best of them tend to emminate a sense of grace, poise, and intelligence, making them excellent diplomats and scholars. Some cold breathers however can come across as cold and scrutinizing, just like their element, and many deal with problems with a sort of passive- aggressiveness. Many dray under this element are female, and many consider it a female trait.(Alternate ability bonuses: +2 Con, +2 Int)

Lightning breath yields valiant nature, and those who posess it bleed yellow blood. Many lightning bloods, like fire- bloods, are passionate, but those with lightning breath tend to be more honorable, and even those with an evil bent follow their own strict moral codes (though most lightning bloods are lawful good). Most lightning bloods tend toward religious careers, and many are famous paladins, warlords, and clerics, though lightning-blood sorcerers are not unheard of.(Alternate ability bonuses: +2 Str, +2 Wis)

Acid bloods bleed a greenish- ochre color. Acid bloods are reguardedd with an air of cautioun, as most are considered sneaky and sinister. Though not always the case, many still give off a rather sinister vibe, being somewhat charismatic and beguiling. Rogues and back- alley dealers of dray society are often- times acid- bloods, though it is not uncommon for many other kinds of performance artists to be from here as well.(Alternate ability bonuses: +2 Dex, +2 Cha)

Poison- bloods bleed a muddy-brown colored blood. The keyword for poison- bloods is mysterious. Many exude an air of enchantment, much like that of an acid blood. The difference is that whereas an acid blood would use silver tounge, poison bloods tend to be silent, causing an air of unease amongst those who don’t know their motives. Poison bloods tend to make very stalwart spies and assasins, as well as diplomats and even soldiers; being able to take orders without asking questions. (Alternate ability bonuses: +2 Con, +2 Wis)

Some dray however, do not have the dragon blood that ancestrally runs through their veins. These dray are referred to as “Mudbloods” and their blood runs a typical red color. However, some “Mudbloods” develop the inate abilities of their dragon ancestors called “dragonfear”. It is believed that these abilities lay dormant within all “mudbloods” but few are able to harness the power within them. Those who do, however are reguarded as equals among their “pureblood” kin and some individuals make it to various ranks of nobility. (Mudbloods are limited to default Dragonborn bonuses, but instead may take the “Dragonfear” racial trait.)


Some chosen- few dragon- blooded individuals manifest what the dray refer to as “dragonmarks”, a birth mark symbolizing draconic heritage and prowess. Though their origin is unknown, the dray somehow understand the dragonmark as a connection to dragonkind, hence the name Dragonmarks are reguarded highly among the dray and when one manifests, it is ussually a strong indicator of one’s innate talents, succeeding their bloodline disposition as a ranking trait (example a cold-blooded dray with a dragonmark of warding would be more likely to become a soldier, despite cold-bloods’ reputation for diplomatic positions.)


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