Dwarves (Olympians)
The dwarves originated from an alternate plane known as “Vaettir”, commonly reffered to as Olympia in common. It is said that the dwarves were created by Moradin during the great planar war between the gods and the primordials. After the gods and their heralds were triumphant, the Vaettir were given their own world to cultivate their lives in peace. Since then, they have been driven from their homeworld by giants, beings created by the primordials specifically to destroy the Vaettir and conquer their homeland. Some dwarves escaped to Pandora, while many were enslaved, and their homeland overrun by malevolent beings and transformed into what is now known as the elemental chaos. Since then, dwarves have lived peacefully in Pandora, trying to make the best out of their new home and hoping to re-claim the realm that is rightfully theirs.
There are several types of Dwarves found in Pandora, the Dweorg (known as Hill Dwarves or Common Dwarves), the Domovoi (Known as Arctic Dwarves), the Galeb Duhr (Stone Dwarves), the Dueregar (Deep or Dark Dwarves), the Azer (known as Red Dwarves) and the Azelf (known as Gold Dwarves). Each dwarven culture can be found on their new home, “New Olympia”, where each culture, though practicing different culture, works together as remnants of a once great civilization. Each are explained below.




Galeb Duhr




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