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The World of Pandora takes place in a turn-of-the-century age preceeding Eberron. The world had decided on a time of peace, dividing all the lands amongst seven major nations. While many people are accepting this new way of life, a good few still cling to old ways of life, feeling like society is trying to smooth over past grudges in attempt to subjugate everyone. Formerly prosecuted races, such as Drow, Minotaur, and Goliaths, are actively being accepted and intergrated into mainstream society. Though some savage races, such as orcs and goblins exist, even individuals of this race can still find a place in today’s society. Only time will tell how long the world’s time of peace shall last, before they resort back to old hatreds, and the world is once again consumed in darkness.

The 7 Major Nations

Civilized Races and their role in the world

Tribal Nations

History of Pandora

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