The Azelf are considered to be the highest civilization of dwarves (though not as respected as the Galeb Duhr) Other races refer to them as “Gold Dwarves” for their almost Arian complexion and their regal stature (for dwarves), standing anywhere from 4’5 to almost 5’ tall.

Though carved from the earth, Azelf prefer to dwell on mountaintops, where they can survey the land. Unlike their “lesser” cousins, Azelf are far less reserved, actively voicing their opinions and viewpoints. To other Dwarven cultures, Azelf are considered “overzealous” and “haughty”, but like other breeds of dwarf, their patience and determination are next to none.

Azelf tend to have peach or beige skin complexions, the darkest being a golden tan. Most Azelf have varying shades of blonde hair, though light- browns and firey reds are not unheard of. However, unlike most dwarven cultures, Azelf have very fair, manageable hair, and some Azelf have even been known to have curly hair. Males tend to wear their hair short and their beards long, though it’s not unheard of for males with curly hair to wear it long, as it is considered regal in their culture. Females tend to wear their hair moderately long, tied in long braids or in ponytails, particularly for combat. Eye colors of Azelf come in as many colors as humans do, blues and browns being the most common.

Azelf culture is built around valor and courage, heralding individual Azelf as heroes and champions. During the great giant war, the Azelf led the charge against their enemies, raining bolts of lightning and thunder atop their gryphon mounts. It is said that the gryphons were given to the Azelf as a birthright, and since then, gryphons have been stalwart allies to both the Azelf and the dwarven race. Though not anti-social, Azelf have a somewhat arrogant attitude. Though the Azelf recognize and respect the Galeb- Duhr as the Moradin’s first creation, the Azelf believe themselves to be Moradin’s perfection of the dwarven race. This judgement extends to other races as well, believeing many races to be feeble and inferior to dwarves, especially the more refined races, such as fey. However, this does not prevent the Azelf from recognizing individuals as equals. Those that manage to earn the respect of the Azelf are recognized and praised as friends and allies for life.

Azelf are well known for their skill in combat, both martial and mounted. Azelf soldiers are trained in various dwarven weapons, preferring hammers, broadswords, and other weighted weapons. Most Azelf prefer to fight individually, trained in fighting many enemies at once in conjunction with other team members. Because of this, many Azelf tend toward defender and leader roles, such as fighters and paladins. Gryphon riding originated from the Azelf and was adapted into Azer society in exchange for the Azer’s superior smithing skills. Economically, the Azelf serve as a secondary supplement to many of the other dwarven industries, not really making any significant contribution. Their most profitable industry is the metal industry and the lumber industry, known for their mythral and gold work. However, though they have good quality materials, better ore can still be found within the caverns of Ombor, or lumber at the base of New Olympia, such as Rime Valley and Dul’Fieg.

Militarily, the Azelf’s primary station is front-line specialists, aerial support and castle defense. Azelf society revolves around honor and combat, so they make natural front-line defenders and leaders. Typically during war, it’s not unheard of for Azelf generals to lead squads of Dweorg and even sometimes Domovoi into combat (though Domovoi are less likely). Aerial specialist ride their gryphons into battle, hurling throwing hammers or casting divine spells. However, it is the primary duty of the Azer to protect Valhalla castle, making up the entirety of the elite guard as paladins and battle clerics.

Azelf racial traits

same as Dwarves on page 36 of the player’s handbook except:

Average Height: 4’ 4”- 5’

Languages Common, Dwarven, Primordial

Speed: 6

+2 Strength, +2(Constitution or Charisma)

Skill bonuses: +2 Athletcis or Endurance; +2 Religeon or History

Replace “Cast Iron stomach” with the following:
“Storm Child: You have resist lightning and thunder 5+ ½ your level”

Replace “Dwarven Resilience” with the following:
“Storm’s Wrath; Encounter (Lightning/ Radiant) Free Action/ Personal
Effect: when you hit with an attack with a lightning or radiant keyword, that attack deals 1d6 extra lightning or radiant damage and knocks the target(s) prone.

Replace “Dwarven Weapon proficiency” with:
“Azelf Weapon proficiency: Gain proficiency with one of the following:
- the Craighammer
- The throwing hammer and the warhammer
- The broadsword

Replace “Stand Your Ground” with the following:
“Mounted Combatant”: You get a +2 bonus to nature checks made for riding a mount and mounted combat. In addition, When you are riding a mount, your mount gains +1 speed, and moves one less when an effect forces you to move through a push pull or a slide, you move one less square than the effect specifies. This means an effect that normally pulls, pushes, or slides a target 1 square does not force you to move.


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