Dusseldorf is a large village located on the northern pass from the fishing town of Rosencrantz. It’s one of many small villages nestled within expanses of Rime Valley.
Dusseldorf is not a particularly notable town short of as a rest stop from those passing through from other towns such as Rosencrantz. However, due to recent population increases, Dusseldorf is slowly growing in popularity as a residential area, and one can see new houses being built in Dusseldorf, as well as some establishments being renovated to accommodate the populus increase.

Places of interest

Two-Rivers Inn The Two-Rivers Inn is the largest establishment in Dusseldorf. Located near the center of town (across from the Pallet near Eamon’s Square) it is arguably the most noteworthy aspect of the village. The inn is run by Byrn and Bailey Erdrun and their slogan is “A home in your heart and a beer in your hand.”

Byrn, the owner, runs the inn. He is a stern yet fair dwarf of a quiet nature, priding himself on his customer service and his punctuality. He runs a tight yet homey inn, accomodating a variety of guests from genasi to minotaur. He also maintains the stable alongside the inn, allowing for a comfortable stay for a weary traveler’s mount.

Bailey, Byrn’s wife, runs the pub on the other side of the building. She is a vivacious woman, with a shewd tongue, a pep to her step, and a beautiful singing voice. When busy, she can be heard humming or singin a tune as she serves her customers with a wink and a smile, not afraid to get confrontational if one of the guests get a little too “forward” with one of her waitresses or guests. She is also a wonderful cook, known for her whiskey-battered ribs and her rum-cakes. To the few brave or foolhardy enough, she makes a drink called “Bailey’s Morter Mixer” a drink so fierce it’ll put hair on an and elf’s face. Only the hardiest of dwarves and goliaths have had the stomach to down such a drink, and they all said the same thing: “It’s like Asmodeus took a shit in your ticker, and it sits there like a brick in yer belly.” Any who manages to down the drink gets a free night’s stay and dinner of their choice (though few can eat after a drink like that).

With the recent incline of villagers, Two-Rivers has had to begin renovations to accomodate the increased business. It may not be long before Two-Rivers puts Dusseldorf on the map.

Two-Rivers Tavern Menu

The Pallet The Pallet is Dusseldorf’s local general store. It is located across from the Two-Rivers Inn near Eamon’s Square. From apples to whiskey, The Pallet carries everything for all customer needs. It even accommodates traveling vendors, and local farmers and artisans travel from all over to sell their goods (provided proper notice is given and arrangements are made). Many vendors are yearly, monthly, even weekly regulars!

The Pallet is run and owned by the dweorg widow Bardra Erdrun Grimswold, along with her two children Reiley and Peta, both halflings. Bardra is a kindly yet shrewd business woman, handling The Pallet’s finances and upkeep, as well as dealing customer service issues. Her daugher, Reiley, a friendly and peppy girl, handles the front desk and checkout, while Peta handles shipping, recieving, stocking, and assists his mother with store maintenance. Bardra’s late husband, Mason Grimswold was a strong man of simple disposition. He met his end saving the blacksmith’s son, from a stampeding dire boar, and while Bardra commends her late husband for his selfless act, quiet sobs can sometimes be heard coming from the Grimswold household.

Like many of the establishments, the increasing population of Dusseldorf is causing an increase in business, and The Pallet is no exception. Renovations have already begun to accommodate increased demand, and what used to just be Bardra, Riley, and Peta running the store has called for an increase in staff.

The Pallet’s list of wares

Eamon’s Square Eamon’s square is Dusseldorf’s village square, and literally the center of Dusseldorf, located in between Two-River’s Inn and the Pallet. Caravans, merchants, and street vendors must pass through here to make their way to neighboring towns and cites, some of which even set up shop right in the middle of the square.

The large wooden signboard serves as Dusseldorf’s central news hub, and villagers and travelers alike post anything from ads to the latest gossip, and it is a timeless Dusseldorf tradition on _ to anonymously post a love not to your one true love on the bulletin (though some of the more shy villagers are hesitant as rambunctious children will sometimes steal them notes and read them aloud.

The most noteworthy feature of Eamon’s Square is the well, where the villagers of Dusseldorf to get water for their various uses. Children of all sorts sometimes wish upon the well, throwing a copper or tow hoping their wish comes true. However, there has been recent talk that, due to the population increase in Dusseldorf that the well would be replaced with a large fountain. Though this is merely speculation, the inhabitants agree that in order to accomodate increased populus, a larger water source would be needed.

Anvil ’n Hammer The Anvil ‘n Hammer is the local blacksmith shop in Dusseldorf, located near the southern entrance. The shop is small, showing signs of it’s age and in need of some repair. Unlike many of the other establishments, it would seem The Anvil ‘n Hammer is one of the few shops that isn’t being upgraded, probably due to the lack of business due to the lessened need for weapons. Still, the establishment is still up and running, clouds of black smoke rising from the furnace and finely crafted objects hanging in the windowsill.

Though never exceptionably notable, the Anvil ’n Hammer was once better upkept. Where fine armaments one hung now hangs sets of cookware and tools. The blacksmith, Eadrig Fogsten deals primarily in repairs and metal accessories, such as utensils and hog-shoes, though he is willing to take commissioned work for the right price.

Eadrig himself is an ornery old dwarf of short stature and an even shorter temper. His heritage is unknown, but many surmise that he is of Azer background, dealing with intense amount of heat and stress on a daily basis. Though ornery, Eadrig is a fair salesman as well as a knowladgeble appraiser, though is easily irritated by window shoppers and man-handlers.

Recently, Eadrig married a comely Eladren woman by the name of Elalen Wilalthrel, and the two had a child by the name of Aethyn. This recent development has seemed to temper Eadrig’s normally sharp tongue, and spurring him to more artistic endeavors, such as metal sculpting, though Eadrig can still be seen tempering an axe or two for old-time’s sake.

Anvil ‘n Hammer’s list of wares

Monastery of Moradin

Kyg’n Smith’s

Yaki’s House


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