New Olympia

Overall Alignment: LG



Economy: Socialist

Political Structure: Monarchy

Government: Oligarchy/ Plutocracy

New Olympia is located on the north-eastern part of the world. To direct west of it is Kybithia and to the south is Arcadia.

New Olympia is the Dwarven- lands, known as Neu Vaettirlan in dwarven. The world that the dwarves originally came from was known as Vaettirlan so it was only fitting of them to name their new lands after their homeworld.
The lands of new olympia are all carved within the large mountain range known formally as The Norn Peaks. Their cities are divied up by the different cultural factions of dwarves, emulating the cultural structure of their homeworld. Differning factions live on different parts of the moountain range based on cultural needs, for example: the Domovoi (Arctic Dwarves) predominantly live in more arctic waters. So it is only natural that they live in a more chilled climate to emulate their homelands. In conrast, the Azelf (Gold dwarves) are accustomed to higher peaks, due to their cultural use of gryphons. Therefore their cities are located atop the vast mountain peaks.

At the base of the peaks lies Rime Valley, home of the Dweorg (Hill/ Common Dwarves) and the crossroads to he other dwarven civilizations. To the north-east of Rime Valley lies Dul’Fieg home to the Domovoi (Arctic Dwarves) and the strongest navy in Pandora. From Rime Valley one heads up he the base of Ulkan’s Pass known as “the steppes of ascention. the next major city is the deep cities of Ombor, home of the Druegar (Deep Dwarves). Higher up the peaks lies the Azer (Red Dwarves)city of Dorian, known for their militia and phalanx tactics. From there lies the holy capital city of ”/campaign/pandora-chronicles/wikis/Wendelheim/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Wendelheim, home of the Azelf (Gold Dwarves) and location of the fabled Valhalla Castle. Each culture of dwarves specializes in a specific form of combat. Because of this, New Olympia is considered to be the strongest military power in Pandora.

Ysgard is the primary dwarven settlement in Pandora, located East of Kybithia and north of both the Sanctum and Arcadia. The landscape is diverse, housing a variety of different settlements. The land is primarily made up of a vast mountain range surrounding a dormant volcano. At the base of the range lies canyonside and steppes carved by the dwarves, and shaping the natural habitat to their needs. Between that lies spurts of plainlands, where much of dwarven farmlands lie. To the north one finds the Nar snowfields, where deep icy forests can be found near the base of the peaks, allowing for most of New Olympia’s lumber supply. With a culture as diverse as this, it is no wonder the dwarves chose this environment to house the various cultures of their race. Because the dwarven cultures are so diverse, the settlement is broken up into smaller settlements, each belonging to a different dwarven culture. However, despite the segregation, the dwarves recognize each other as bretheren, and are united as a continent.
Each dwarven settlement represents both a specific dwarven culture, as well as an aspect of Ysgard’s military. The Dweorg (common or hill dwarves) are located at the base of Ysgard in the Rime Valley, making up Ysgard’s domestic troops and footsoldiers. The Domovoi, located in the Nar snowfields to the west of Rime Valley, make up both the navy as well as reconnaissance and geurilla warfare. The Duergar, found in the underground Crystal Caverns of Ombor, specialize in various forms of geurilla and chemical warfare, along with other diverse talents. Azer, located in Athens located within the Dorian Steppes, serve Ysgard as shock troops, favoring various forms of weapon and vehicular combat riding firey chariots into battle along- side fearsome beasts. Azelf are known to serve as squad commanders of the “lesser” dwarven races, as well as divine specialists, shock troops, and Aerial combatants, favoring the use of their ancient pacts with griphons and their kin. Galeb Duhr, while able to handle themselves in combat are known to be religious and spiritual leaders rather than warriors. Those who do, however tend to favor primal, divine, or psionic combat trades, rather than organized military combat.
While dweorg find themselves accommodating to outsiders, other races are commonly not found amongst the “higher” dwarven cultures and those who chose to live there are ussually restricted to dweorg settlements. Goliaths can be commonly found in Ysgard. Some goliaths have adapted to modern socity, paving the way for peace between the two- once conflicting races, while others cling to their once barbaric heritage, co-existing with nature rather than against it. Even within these cultures, the two races try to promote harmony between them, athough in some dwarven cultures (primarily Azer society) goliaths are still treated with a sub-concious prejudice. Humans and Halflings are sometimes found among dweorg societies, as some humans favor the tacturn lifestyle of dwarven culture. It is then only natural for Halflings to be found among dwarves. Other militaristic races such as Minotaurs and Dragonborn sometimes find their way to New Olympia, but seldom any others beyond business and diplomatic affairs.
As a continent, New Olympia is known as the strongest military power in Pandora. Though the times call for peace, the dwarves believe in the saying “chance favors the prepared”. Because of their military strength, other nations oftentimes commission them as guards and mercenaries as well as for military protection. Dwarven artisans are next to none in blacksmithing, architecture, and gemcutting, as well as other kinds of construction such as irrigation.

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New Olympia

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