Rime Valley

Landscape Rime Valley is vastly made up of desert canyon expanses. However, some parts of Rime Valley are immensely fertile, allowing farmers to grow their crops, primarily made up of root vegetables and starches (such as potatoes, carrots, beets, etc.) as well as hops and other ingredients for making alcohol.

Races While the dominant race in Rime Valley is primarily dweorg, in comparison to other parts of New Olympia, Rime Valley sports the most diversity in terms of race. Humans, goliaths, even some less common races such as minotaur and earth genasi can be found here. Rime Valley also sports the highest population of halflings, as they are next to unheard of in other, more reserved cultures found in New Olympia. This, however also means that Rime Valley has the fastest growing population in New Olympia, a factor that has residents vying for population expanses into other cultures’ territories.

Savage tribes of goliaths and goblins make their homes within Rime Valley, but Rime Valley’s increasing population threatens the territories of these tribes. The threat, however, is not nearly as serious as that of Kybithia, and both the savage and civilized cultures tend to coexist more peacefully than that of Kybithia.

Flora Most of Rime Valley’s flora tends to grow near towns and cities, thanks to dwarven irrigationo techniques. Outside of that, Rime Valley sports minimal flora, limited to grassy areas growing around canyon lakes and streams. Sometimes patches of shrubbery can also be found in arid locations in rime valley, and cactus are not unheard of.

Fauna The wildlife in Rime Valley is hardy and rugged, much like the land itself. Most wild game includes rabbits, armadillos and other types of canyon rodents. Predators include mostly foxes, coyotes and wolves, althoughh bears, badgers, and boars are not unheard of. However, the shrewd environment of Rime Valley also breeds a high population of dire beasts. While game hunters and leather-workers prize dire animals as mounts or for strong pelts and meat, tourists are advised to stay on alleged paths and highways for their own safety.

Economy Dusseldorf’s economy thrives primarily on trade, between the different dwarven cultures, as well as between other nations. Primarily, Dusseldorf’s largest city, Ayebyrn serves as the central hub for trade, as well as the crossroads leading out of Rime Valley and into other dwarven territories.

As opposed to one specific trade good, Rime Valley is known for their skilled artisans, and few other countries can match the strength of dwarven steel and the durabiliity of dwarven armors. Of course, being that much of Rime Valley’s inhabitants are dwarven, most outsiders must custom order weapons and armor to suit their needs. However, due to recent times of peace, the need for finely crafted weapons and armor are lessening, and artisans are finding most of their income to be coming from adventurers or the occasional government contract for equipment repairs and replacements. Still New Olympian smiths and leatherworkers manage to find work where they can, and New Olympia’s socialist government ensures that no citezen goes hungry.

Weapons and armorsmiths aren’t the only artisans found in Rime Valley however. Gemcutters, sculptors, and other artists can be found in Rime Valley’s midsts. Farmers of earthen vegetables and starches, game hunters, and butchers are also common, as Rime Valley is known for their salted pork. Distilleries are also common in Rime Valley, and you can almost garuntee to find a pub in every town.

Noteworthy Towns/Cities:

*Ayebyddan: The capital city of Rime Valley, known as the central trading hub, and the crossroads to other dwarven civilizations.

*Rosencrantz: A small fishing town on the southern shores of Rime Valley.

*Gildensturn: The main port city of Rime Valley. Functions as the central command center for Rime Valley’s navy as well as the central import and export hub.

*Dusseldorf: A large village north of Rosencranz. Keoth’s hometown.

Rime Valley

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